Frequently Asked Questions

1) What infrastructure do I need for this?

You do not need to have any special infrastructure at your end. However having your own personal computer or laptop and a mobile phone might be a plus.

2) Do I need my own infrastructure or will you provide me with one?

We will provide you with the infrastructure elements like:

  • a) You will get the brand name of Anuva Technologies.
  • b) We will provide you with our strong portfolio.
  • c) We will also provide you with the project proposals to provide to the clients.
  • d) A login to the company's client management portal which you can access from anywhere (Hence having a personal computer is an advantage).

3) What are your services that you sell?

We work in mobile application development, web development, CMS development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Internet Marketing. You can visit “Services” section of our website for in-depth information about our service offerings.

4) Do you also work in product selling?

Not right now but we are planning to start it soon.

5) What types of clients do you serve?

We serve clients who are interested any of our services that are listed on our website like mobile & web application development, SEO, internet marketing to name a few. We provide these services for any industry domain like automobiles, doctor, hospitals, education & training, people and society, entertainment, fashion & lifestyle, finance, food & beverages, online shopping, real estate, and so on.

6) In which cities do you have franchisees?

We have franchisees in 6 major cities — Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

7) What is the success rate of other franchisees?

Other franchisees are earning an average of 6 lakhs per annum.

8) What are the other costs besides the Franchisee fee?

We do not impose any costs other than your franchisee fee.

9) Can I make an online Payment of the Franchisee Fee?

Yes, you can. We will provide you with the necessary details for the same.

10) So how do you assure me of income?

We are morally bound to ensure that you take home 6 lakhs per annum. Remember, we grow when you grow.

11) How soon will I get my first cheque/payment?

You can receive your first payment within 90 days depending on how much interest and efforts you put in your franchisee business.

12) How much can I earn by taking this franchisee?

You can earn around 6 lakhs per annum with no limits based on your skills and efforts.

13) How will I get the payment?

You will be paid via either cheque or bank transfer base on your preference.

14) Do I have to open current account?

No you do not need to open a current account. All you need is a savings account, preferably ICICI bank.

15) What do I need to start this business?

Personal computer or laptop with an internet connection and a mobile phone.

16) What will be my role?

Your role will be to generate leads, find prospective clients, communicate with these clients as & when required, and help in project closure.

17) What is the working methodology?

You can generate lead, and we will close the project together. Once the project is in, our development team will start working on it. Then based on the tasks completed we will raise clients with the payment invoices and take care of payment release and related taxation hassles. Based on the payment received from client, you can raise us the invoice for your share and we will release the payment against that invoice to you.

18) Where will be the training? And what type of training will I be provided?

You will be provided with online training. We will also provide you with training materials including documents and videos. You will be provided with the training pertaining to your tasks you need to perform in your role along with using our client management system to which you will be granted an access.

19) What are the timings of work?

The working hours are flexible since you are your own boss.

20) Who will collect the payments for the projects that I bring in?

We will be responsible for collecting the payments for projects.

21) Do I have to pay any taxes for the project payments?

No you do not need to pay any taxes for project payments. However you will be required to pay taxes for your earnings you will get as project commissions.

22) How old is Anuva Technologies?

Founded in 2006, we are almost 10 years old company.

23) Do you have any officesoverseas?

We have our marketing tie ups in US, UK, Canada and Australia.