Introducing Great Features in Apple iOS 9.3

iOS is back with iOS 9.3 which is full blooded release adding three very smart new features.

1)  Smart Education Upgrades

Education is utmost important for Apple that they have released a dedicated education section on their website just to preview all the changes the update will bring. Some of the highlights include iPad multi-user support (called ‘Shared iPad’) which enables students to log onto any iPad and get full access to their apps, books, documents and places them exactly where they left off. While logging in ‘Photo ID’ will show the student’s picture in order to avoid iPads getting mixed up during the class. Young students get a more basic version accessed with a simple four digit PIN.

It has also bring in the ‘Classroom’ app which allows a teacher to control all the iPads of the students in their class (for example to open a particular app) and even jump to individual student’s iPads to monitor work (‘Screen View’). Currently ‘Apple School Manager’ is a hub for teachers to compile courses, purchase class books and apps, track individual iPads and more.

2)  Night Shift

Apple has finally taken care of the smart screen filtering. iPhones, iPads and iPod touches running iOS 9.3 will allow the user to use a combination of the clock and geolocation to track sunset times and move in order to make the display easier for eyes.

3)  3D Touch Matures

It has bring in a new 3D Touch shortcuts to Apple’s built-in apps on the iPhone 6s, most notably giving users the ability to quickly update App Store installs, or access battery or Wi-Fi settings.

It includes new ‘Quick Shortcuts’ for the App Store, Compass, Health, iTunes Store and Weather.