Cocos 2DX Gaming - Bat Kill - Vampire Arcade Game

The aim of Bat Kill is to go back in time to save humanity but to do that you need to get to the tower and pull the time machine lever to go back in time. To get to the tower you need to destroy the bats by shooting them. Kill as many bats as possible within a time frame. As the time progresses the timer will decrease to reach zero. Bats will fly in from the bottom and sides of the screen. User has to shoot these bats before they reach the top of the screen. User has to tap on a bat to shoot it. When user taps on a bat it is shot dead. If a bat reaches the top of the screen then the health of the player will be reduced. When health of the player reaches zero the level is over. User has to kill the specific amount of bats in each level in the given time before timer reaches to zero.

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